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AliRevellian » Characters


Demigirl A young witch studying time alteration to learn about her mysterious past.


The Alternative Rock Band, Deception

Estevan Tapper

Cisgender Male The Vice; hitmen boss of Voca Sanguis

Halle Cappelen

Cisgender Male An inventor who keeps to himself but is intrigued by just about everything that could be questioned.

Jackson Antoin

Cisgender Male An Italian sound engineer who got into a lot of trouble as a kid (FC: KJ Apa)

Kasey Merrick

Male A man seeking adventure and people to join in on his outlandish ideas

Other Characters

Other Tons of other characters of mine. These are not all of them, but this updates often.

Reverie Inas

Male The chaos demon with a hidden past.


Male The necromancer vampire that dwells in isolation and betrayal.

Warren Cambri

Male A ranger who keeps to himself, but yearns for someone he can trust.