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The Tropes

Many of the recurring characters used in RPR media are named after a common character trope that they represent, such as "The Princess" or "The Hero," and have never had another name put forward for them.

Epic Week Recurring Characters

NPCs that are primarily associated with Epic Week and have appeared multiple times. A number of these also qualify as "tropes" but because they exclusively, or almost exclusively, appear during EW, they are collected here.

Symbol Guardians

Symbol Guardians are best recognized as being the providers of clues (and sometimes are clues themselves) to aid in lighting up symbols during [Epic Week], though they also appear attached to news articles on...



Moa is an "Adventuring Merchant" who provides luxury and pet items to users. She also raised, trained and equipped an army of walruses to retake her homeland from invading lizards.

Professor Minotaur

Professor Minotaur is a minotaur wearing red graduation robes and carrying a diploma. He usually appears in tutorials, help content, and sometimes "setup wizards" as a guide to the process.