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Forohfor fortess floats in the sky, with rainbows arching over it

Common Epic Week Features

Some things are common to almost all Epic Weeks

A stone portal in the woods. Animals such as rabbits and dear are fleeing from it.

Epic Week 2014

The first year that involved an interactive adventure. It saw the discovery of two mysterious portals, which could only be opened by solving the riddles of each symbol around their edges.

Goblins march out of an open stone portal that swirls with magic light. They are interrupting a birthday party in a meadow, tearing up banners, popping balloons, stomping presents.

Epic Week 2015

We forgot to close the portals we found in 2014, which meant the smell of our birthday cake a year later attracted uninvited guests. This was the first year that the modern form of Epic Week began to...

The fantasy and sci-fi forest guardian creatures hanging out in a lush forest

Epic Week 2016

To stop the haunting of Forum Forest, we had to awaken the three great Forest Guardians, who had gone dormant after the previous year's birthday battle had devastated their lands.

A view of the world of the RPR from space. The RPR shaped continent is visible on the planet. From space, a mothership shaped like a 4-sided die approaches.

Epic Week 2017

Epic Week 2017 was out of this world! No, really. We blasted off into space.

An underwater city, surrounded by oceanic wildlife

Epic Week 2018

Something was found after the Die Star's explosion, giving us the perfect clue to begin a birthday adventure for 2018 that would lead us deep beneath the ocean waves.

A silhouetted figure stands at the entrance to a labyrinth

Epic Week 2019

It took a full year of study, but by our 9th birthday, we were finally ready to try opening the ancient portal we had found beneath the ocean the year before. What strange mysteries did we discover in...

Kim from the future confronts Kim from the past

Epic Week 2020

For our ten year anniversary, we modified our portal with the piece we found in 2019 and discovered we had created a time machine! Time travel turns out to come with a whole lot of headaches...

The Elven Scientist stands in an old library, triumphantly holding a sheaf of papers above her head.

Epic Week 2021

The area around Mount Ovation begins to experience earthquakes and invasions from the undead, and it's quickly discovered that Ovation is a previously dormant volcano that has become active again. Can...

Two characters cheer and hold their weapons aloft in a cave dotted with glowing crystals

Epic Week 2022

The earthquakes around Mount Ovation in 2021 have revealed underground tunnels that do not appear to be natural. Exploration leads to the discovery of an entire abandoned civilization under the...

Moa stands in front of a crowd of walruses, gesturing to them with a smug smile.

Epic Week 2023

The Struth need our help to reclaim their homeland from an invasive species of lizards, we learn Moa's backstory, and we're called upon to take command of companies of walruses.