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  • Gender: Female

Certainly not much going on... hit me up to perhaps start a story with one of my characters. Please read profile and characters profile first. If I don't get stories going soon, I might end up leaving the site.

Due to joining 08/27/19, my Profile and Characters are going to be under construction to feel free to check back daily or frequently to see if any new updates have occurred.

I have been roleplaying one-on-one and in small groups for nearly 2 decades.

I am a Multi-paragraph to Novella length writer and I enjoy partners who can give me the same detail and effort back-- or at least close.

I roleplay only female characters but I am happy to roleplay with female characters, male characters, female characters played by men, male characters played by females.. it doesn't matter to me as long as the effort is there. I do have a preferance towards playing with male characters only because there is a better dynamic it seems, in my experience, between characters of the opposite gender, but this does not mean I will not happily play with another female character as well.

I get online to check or posts multiple times a day and I am more then happy to let anyone know when I might be on a small hiatus due to real life. I am extremely patient for responses as long as I know my partner hasn't just up and vanished on me.

I have roleplayed Anime/Manga, Fandom's, Books, Movies, Modern, Medieval, Futuristic.. Romance, Action, Dark, Adventure, Sad..

I am always looking for friends as well as players so don't worry if out styles don't "mesh", I am always happy to keep each other as friends in the community.

I play in third person perspective only and while I prefer one-on-one stories, it doesn't mean I won't put the effort to create a world and play NPCs and side characters as well. As long as my partner puts in the effort to create a world with me, I'm usually a pretty happy camper.

I am not big on Dice play though and not quite experienced in it, so I guess, I do have my flaws as well.

While "newbs" is a status we have all had and you have to start somewhere, I find I don't have the appropriate patience to deal with the style of writing and the lack of experience a new writer has so while I am happy to be friends and give advice, I prefer my partners have more experience and even more so to be 18+

Please, if you are messaing me for play, please try and have in mind a character on my profile you are interested in starting an idea with and a character of your own you wanted to play. I am "attracted" to partners who show an effort especially when they are the ones messaging me. This does not go without saying that I too will show my share of effort but coming to me with "Hey, want to rp? I don't care what character.. what character of mine do you want to play with? I dont really have any idea" because it shows a lack of effort and the fact you probably haven't even taken the time to read my profile. If you can't get through my length of a profile, my posts will probably bore you with length before you are done reading them.

I look forward to meeting and perhaps playing with you!


The characters that will be taking up the 10 spots, until I get more, will be.. (If spaces are blank then they have not been chosen yet)--

1. Victoria Dumbledore (Marauders Potterverse)
2. Sigyn (Norse Mythology or MCU)
3. Tattiana DeParko (Modern Realistic)
4. Taylor Grey (Modern Supernatural)
5. Persephone (Greek Mythology, Lore Olympus, Kamigami No Asobi anime)
6. Liddia Spiegel (AU Cowboy Bebop anime)
7. Riley Corbett (Futuristic SciFi)
8. Lily "AnimAll" Xavier (Xmen Universe)
9. Maxine Parker (Modern Realistic)

I do have more characters but these are the ones with more established histories. The anime's I either play Original Characters for, or have Custom Characters for them will be listed below.


Yu Yu Hakusho:
Kia/ Kitsune Kia (Custom)
Yue Hatsuhiro (Custom)

Sailor Moon:
Dia Chiba/ Sailor War; Guardian of the Sailor Scouts (Custom)
Michiru Kaioh/ Sailor Neptune

Rurouni Kenshin:
Sai Sagara; Daughter of Souzou Sagara of the Sekihoutai (Custom)

Cardcaptor Sakura:
Mika- Yue's Twin Sister, Creation of Clow and Ruler of the Stars (Custom)

Hiiro No Kakera:
Tamaki Kasuga

Inu X Boku:
Ririchiyo Shirakiin

Dragon Ball Z:
Vularia of the planet Vegeta (Custom)


Fruits Basket:
Tohru Honda

Outlaw Star:

Ancient Magus Bride:

Black Butler:
Kaia Phantomhive (Custom)

Claudia, follower of Knives, Coworker of Legato-- Controls the "Gentlemen" (Custom)

Vampire Knight:
Cora Kuran (Custom)

Kamisama Kiss:

Zoids Chaotic Centuries:
Lita Coors (Custom)

Gundam Seed:
Shy Le Creuset (Custom)

Wolfs Rain:
Siu-- Black Wolf (Custom)

Diabolik Lovers:
Yui Komori

Say I Love You:
Mei Tachibana

Witch Hunter Robin:
Ada; Psychic and Witch Hunter (Custom)

Victoria Carstairs (Custom)

Harley; Daughter to the Queen of Hearts- Villain (Custom)

Harry Potter-Verse:
Liddia Dumbledore-Black (Custom)

I also have characters for fandom's such as MCU, Supernatural, SVU, The Secret Circle, LotR/Hobbit, The Walking Dead, and more.

I also have basic characters that are from no "verse" at all but for specific settings such as:
Modern Realistic
Anime High School setting

and more.

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