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Hey there, welcome to my profile!

I’m Eliza / Eli, but you’re welcome to call me whatever you’d like! I’m a twenty-one year old from Canada, and I am a cisfemale using the pronouns she/her! I am brand new to RPR, so please be patient with me while I figure out my way around!

Roleplay Info

I’ve been a roleplayer on different websites for about 9+ years now.

I prefer writing semi-lit - literate roleplays. I tend to aim for about 250 - 800 words, depending on my partner.

I prefer to write in third person ( limited )

I will very rarely write explicit scenes, and I will often opt to fade to black. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far inbetween.

I do try my best to do quick responses! That isn’t always achievable, though, so my replies will vary. Expect replies every 1-3 days; though some might come sooner and some might come later depending on how busy I am. I will inform you if it looks like i might not be able to get one out in a reasonable amount of time.

I prefer to only roleplay with adults ( 18+ ), even if the roleplay isnt necessarily romantic. I am just more comfortable with it!

Abmho's Characters

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