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Since I reached out to Alauntyrr, they've been the first to be able to keep up with my hyper post flow. And that really makes me happy because I haven't even lost interest in our plot yet, which is uncommon for me.
I really appreciate their character, and they're posting flow! Concise posts Long-term partner - SillySpider
Alauntyrr and I have had a couple rps for a little while now and he's always fun and quick to reply. Ooc he is nice to talk to a great guy and open to anything really. Definitely hit him up and get something started if you haven't already. :) - Ladywrath231992

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  • Sueboo gave Alauntyrr kudos:
    I enjoy this persons writing and roleplay style. Having fun enjoying the current RP with them. They make the story fun and enjoyable. :) Wonderful writer Fast responses
    (About 2 weeks 13 hours ago)
  • Sueboo gave Alauntyrr kudos:
    I really really am glad to of found such a great role player that I can call a friend. I have been very pleased with the roleplays we have been doing. Thank you for being so fun! Fast responses Long-term partner
    (About 3 weeks 1 day ago)
  • Lucca (played by Alauntyrr) replied to the forum topic Bandit King Looking For Victims (closed)(About 1 month 3 weeks ago)