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Olaa, I'm Jasmine and I'm an experienced roleplayer!
I haven't rp'ed in a while and I really missed it

I like reading, watching series, and writing
(if you want to know how I write, feel free to message me for a sample).

When we RP, I expect you have some (or all) of these things:
- you know basic grammar and spelling (I'm a non-native English speaker so you don't have to be perfect, but please put some effort in your writing)
- you have no problem writing longish paragraphs
- no god-modding
- no asterisks
- you have no problem with me not immediately replying
(i'm a slow-replier, sometimes even a no-replier. I do things in my own time because, just like you, I have a life). So please, the more you ask me to reply, the longer I don't reply.
- you're okay with drama and conflict. I like to create rps that actually live

-I prefer third person writing but this is not a hard requirement

Cool cool cool
then my preferred genres
- Detectives; meaning finding missing persons, belongings, solving murders, thefts and shit.
- Thriller/light horror; meaning blood, suspense, almost dying, jumpscares, abandoned cottages
- Sci-fi; meaning aliens, spaceships, otherworldly creatures, planets

I prefer roleplaying in a supernatural world, with wizards and witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, androids, and humans all co-existing. Magic exists and is ever present, depending on where you live, it's either a myth or reality.

I don't really like romance rp's. I mean, it's okay if the story goes there, but I don't like rp's that are created for the romance

Also if you want to randomly talk about your mundane life, my inbox is open :)

Rave Reviews

Basically a really cool person. Ive rped with her previously and i always looked forward for our roleplays, they are always exciting and lively. I love her style of writing, and because of our rps i basically became so much better. The slow replies only indicate that youre getting a really good reply. Basically you wont get bored of roleplaying with her. - Fairydust_glasses

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