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I'm here to role-play and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of gum.

Cheesy line aside, Greetings and welcome to my profile page! You can call me by my username, my preferred name Ben, or whatever nickname tickles your fancy. As you can see above I am twenty-three and I have been roleplaying for a good number of years now. I enjoy cooking, costuming, and going into more detail about a character than I probably should.

Speaking of which you may have noticed the lack of public characters on my page! I promise you that I have a good number of characters available and if you want to look at a few feel free to pm me and I'll send you some links! The reason that all my characters are anonymous is my own. Mostly because I want to have some control over who knows which characters I play. Especially since a number of my characters may involve sensitive topics that I don't want to be immediately associated with out of context.

As far as my roleplaying style, I prefer more relatively mature plots. The more realistic and interesting the plot and characters the better! As far as length I usually do a couple of paragraphs minimum per post. I find that it is enough to give plenty to work off of without too much filler about exactly what shade of brownish-grey the dirt is. I prefer my partners to go to that same standard though it's not a solid rule or anything. As long as it isn't one-liners I'm probably okay with it.

For more specific topics here's some bullet points, be mindful that it does get into some mature themes.

  • I am fine with more taboo plots. Including, but not limited to: non-con, mutilation, kidnapping, slavery, Stockholm syndrome, abuse, mental health, sexuality, gender, racism, and just about anything as long as it is grounded in some realism. If my character is depressed your character is not gonna magically make him better. I also require a level of respect for these issues. Fiction or not these roleplays involve real-life issues that aren't a joke.
  • I don't mind smut. While I'm not against fade to black if you would rather, typing it out is usually my preference. However, I don't usually do smut for smut's sake. Instead, I would rather simply be a part of a more major plot.

If you have any questions or just want to talk feel free to hit me up!

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Whaaat?! I haven't given them kudos yet?! How dare I. This bish is AMAZING. Super descriptive and super fun! I loooove all their characters, and as a roleplayed, Raven is AMAZING to no end. - BunBunUke
I've said it once and I will always say it again, Raven is an amazing RP partner and their characters are absolutely outstanding! If you aren't or haven't plotted with them yet I certainly recommend you do so. They never give a boring reply and they are one of the easiest people to plot with I've ever written with, they always have such great ideas and are always willing to listen to other's ideas as well! I love the plots we have going so far and I hope to have many more with them. - Sauron

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