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Accepting RP's: Always
I'm on a semi-hiatus this week, final's are coming. I'm burnt out and lack creativity.

One of Cernnunnos' creatures. The antlered wolf is embedded with her own mystery. She's sleepless--ever searching for the solace when the pale moon rises.

How does one make an Antlered_Wolf?

1 cup of sassy Southerner
1 cup of independence
1 1/2 cups of growing up ghetto
2 cups atomic personality
4 cups of creativity

^^Best serviced cold with a pinch of spice

Rave Reviews

Okay so. I just don’t know where to start with this lovely lovely awesome person. Okay first off we haven’t rped a lot but holy smokes! The story we got going I am hungry for more! Seriously this wonderful person is worth it all. Descriptive good Ooc communication and more so I’m always laughing or smirking when we are plotting. Truly an awesome person to rp with. - Lanx12
I’m surprised that I haven’t given this beautiful person kudos yet. Although I must admit that she is absolutely awesome! She makes the current rp that we’re doing very interesting and fun especially since she’s super descriptive. Even though my responses aren’t as long as hers (which I should probably work on) it’s still super amazing so I highly recommend roleplaying with her - LarryBandzIV

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