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Roleplay Status - Active

Finished Characters~
- Patchie
- Ifer
- Xenon
- Cobalt
- Daehyun
- Koa
- Zazriel

Currently Working On
- Jaehyun
- Kynon
- Prince

NOTE - I only roleplay with people 18+. If you are underage, please respect this rule. Thank you!

Welcome to my profile. Feel free to look around.

Hello there. My name is Carter or on here, Apollo. I am 21 and I am from Australia. I study veterinary at university and I have been Roleplaying for around about 6 or 7 years.
I do have many hobbies and likes but I will only name just a few.

I like to create art and write. Writing is what I am passionate about and I love to incorporate it into my day to day routine.
I love nature, rain and stars. I love winter and I also love to read.
I like to listen to music and I am a big fan of K-Pop.

If I roleplay and your style doesn't match my own or is something I can't connect with, I will tell you. I do not ghost people but if I feel a lack of motivation I will tell you. Roleplaying a good roleplay comes to me with inspiration and motivation. If I have left the roleplay midway through and haven't realised for a while- feel free to shoot me a message, that will be appreciated!

When it comes to the length I am someone who takes time to form and structure a reply. I don't like one sentence roleplay and will say no to roleplay if that is your go-to structure. I only accept detailed roleplay with a minimum of two paragraphs each reply. Anything above two paragraphs is best but two paragraphs is my baseline. I also always write in 3rd person. Never 1st person.

My time zone is AWST (UTC +8) and I am on for most of the day until around about 2-3am my time.

I am open to making friends and planning roleplays and I do post in the forum once in a while so do watch out for my posts. If you are interested in starting a roleplay, please mail me and we can figure something out.



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Rave Reviews

Xenon (played by Apollo)
The RPer themselves is really kind and the character is amazing. Their writing style is easy to work with and I find myself completely fanboying over how well Liam and Xenon work together - it's adorable and I sincerely enjoy the RP I get to do with them. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Prince_Jin
Pfft, you're amazing. Words can't really describe the amount of love people give to you. You're caring, kind, a bit annoying, i mean. Who said that. <.< Anyway, I hope others can love you the way I do! - xLibraax

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