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"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
~J.R.R. Tolkien

I always like saying hi even if we don't rp so feel free to shoot me a message. **PLEASE do not send me a friend request unless we have actually at least chatted***

**Visit me on DeviantArt! Link below.**3/10/20

Hi there! I have enjoyed RP for many years now, starting out on real-time chat based sites and have finally branched into the world of Forum role-play as life gets busier! I love to write and read and would enjoy the chance to dust off some characters, create new ones, and find inspiration! I usually prefer to write paragraphs when I roleplay, to keep detail and offer a significant chance for a good response, to keep things moving along. Any thought and details put into our roleplays will be greatly appreciated!

As for the person behind the writing, I am a married mommy of 3 - twin 4 year olds and a 2 year old. Needless to say my life is full of happy chaos, <3 Writing is my favorite thing to do when I get some 'me' time.

NOTE: Please please please, help contribute to the story of our rp. I will most likely drop the rp if it turns out I am expected to do all the work in coming up with the ideas, and all you do is respond to what I say, rather than use it to write something interesting and useful to the storyline. I'm definitely not a hater, and I don't like to nag, but I get burnt out from rp'rs that end up using me as a crutch.
giphy.gif I try to put thought and effort into each post so that it contributes something. So please, make it fun for everyone and bring out your creative genius, everyone has at least a bit of one ;P Sidenote: I especially expect this if I've responded to someone else's rp prompt. Too often I join an rp that sounds as if the other person has great ideas, but somehow they suddenly expect me to be the lead with their ideas.

But have fun and don't stress, because I don't bite. Promise. <3 I love to write and be creative!

**Only a noted few of the images used (so far) are my own art, and I duly point all credit of any images to their rightful creators.**

My Artistic Journey Begins! Just putting my DeviantArt here for fun

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Genre's I already love, or ones I'd LOVE to try:
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Romance, Adventure

Genre's that are more... meh, but ok
Modern day, Survival, Apocalyptic/Zombie invasion

Genre's that are a hard no:
Horror, Erotica.

Movies I love - no apologies here!
  • Tangled (yes my all-time fav)
  • Lady Hawk (yes my all-time fav, and yes I did just repeat myself.)
  • Beauty and the Beast (the animated version)
  • Inception
  • RED
  • The Edge of Tomorrow
  • Rocket Man
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • North and South
  • Wives and Daughters
  • Princess Bride (Twooo wuv, anyone?)

Rave Reviews

Man, where do I start?! 😵

I absolutely adore how her grammar and punctuation stay in tact and kind of give our adventure a little more realism. Her characters, the few I have encountered, a very unique and obviously have quite a bit of thought gone into them. I am absolutely in love with her character Katlina, she is the strong, stern gentle caring you type you would lucky to have at your side in or out of battle. I could go on and on but I think I'm out of charact - Phoenix_Avatar
From the complexity of her characters to the details she interweaves with the story's plots, this role-player makes ever post an absolute joy to read! She is so lovely to talk to in out of character chats and her writing makes roleplaying fun again - do not pass the opportunity to collaborate with her, I promise that you won't be disappointed! - Isolus

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  • Robyn gave BreezyDawn kudos:
    Long overdue, regrettably! Although it's been years, her character was still one of my absolute *favorites* to have joined our group-roleplay. Her writing is insightful, the character was laugh-out-loud hilarious, and we still quote an especially hilarious scene to this day! Memorable and wonderful to create with mutually. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • LunarValravn gave BreezyDawn kudos:
    Wanted to wait for the Kudos giving season but I can't wait any longer! Writing with Breezy has been a true joy! Love the thought and detail put into every post, offering great detail, emotion( My poor heart ), and more. Even on brain dead days, her posts keep spurning new ideas. Always looking forward to her replies and hope to rp with her for years to come! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • Cassia Loraina Montreif (played by BreezyDawn) has added a new gallery image:
    (About 2 months 1 week ago)
  • DoogieMeowser gave BreezyDawn kudos:
    Give me a second kudos, eh? Well TWO can play that game! Breezy and I have been writing together for over a year now and I can confidently tell you all that her prowess ages like a fine wine. Sweet, complex, exemplary-- and she makes you laugh. Breezy has fantastic ideas, excellent plot twists, and posts so good you'll wish they were even longer! Really glad I reached out ^^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    (About 2 months 4 weeks ago)