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Hey there, I'm Cami
they/her 30 Taken Washington, USA
mentally ill & pretty much always high
creator of the feyhund & the deathhounds
I make templates here and here

My current mains are Aidoneus, Havoc, and Morrighan.

if you have a problem with me make sure to spread malicious rumors about me, lie on my name, and send your friends to harass me; otherwise how will I know to care?

Rave Reviews

Few people compare to this girl. She's really friendly, her characters are dynamic and well developed not to mention how detailed their RPRs are. She's an absolutely fantastic RPer with a great sense of humor although she can be hyper and rather random at times. Her sense of 'adventure' and the plots she comes up with are intense! Love her, her RP, and her characters. - Elbosque525
My Cambi, my right hand, my best bud. My other half. A great writer with even greater patience. She is a dream to weave a web with and has the best brain children even. Can't stop at just one session, gotta have more. :) - Tiufel

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