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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: March 09

► // shadowhunters / malec / rp / books / art / sims / gaming / music / creativity / acting / writing / singing / youtube / evanstan / stucky / drawing / shipper / dancing / design / kpop / bts / vixx / blackpink //◄


Constant mood:

If you don't like ice cream you are not allowed...
...just kidding, everyone are allowed here!^.^

You are very welcome to write to me if you want to RP!

Rave Reviews

  • Honestly, how can I even begin to explain how honoured I am to be able to RP with ChocolateIceCream? They are not only a creative joy and an absolute pleasure to write with, but is truly someone I can call a friend. We've had our RP going for a long time now, and I...
    -- ValentineGhost
  • I haven't given this amazing person kudos yet? What have I been doing? We currently have two Rps going and I love them both. Chocolate is easy going when you can't reply every day and so kind OOC. A detailed writer that will be a true writing partner. I'm glad I found them!
    -- RazleDazle

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