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► // shadowhunters / malec / rp / books / art / sims / gaming / music / creativity / acting / writing / singing / youtube / evanstan / stucky / drawing / shipper / dancing / design / kpop / bts / vixx / blackpink / cmbyn //◄

UPDATE: Busy with a lot of assignments and preparing for exams so there's a delay on responses. I apologize.


Constant mood:

If you don't like ice cream you are not allowed...
...just kidding, everyone are allowed here!^.^

You are very welcome to write to me if you want to RP!

Rave Reviews

  • Choco is a wonderfully talented and creative writer. Every single post pulls me into the RP even deeper. I love the way they write characters whether main character or side characters. Their writing style meshes super well with my own. I also enjoy how excited they...
    -- MercyInReach
  • I must say that this adorable little Ice Cream is such an understanding person. Each of your responses send a smile to my face and I am always eager to hear from you. You are an in depth role player and I always feel like I am actually in the scene. If you have ever...
    -- Apollo

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