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UPDATE 01-04-2020; This is typical but beginning to feel a bit sick. I think it's from the stress from my exams. This means I won't be able to reply as much as I use to, I'm sorry and thank you for your patience!!


Constant mood:

If you don't like ice cream you are not allowed...
...just kidding, everyone are allowed here!^.^

You are very welcome to write to me if you want to RP!

Rave Reviews

Seriously guys, this girl is one of a kind! She is so sweet and creative, and her careters are so well described and original. She is truly amazing! - anxious
I must say that this adorable little Ice Cream is such an understanding person. Each of your responses send a smile to my face and I am always eager to hear from you. You are an in depth role player and I always feel like I am actually in the scene. If you have ever thought about initiating a role play with this wonderful person, do consider it. They are kind, thoughtful, amazing and just a nice, considerate friend. So Kudos to you, my friend. Keep smiling and being amazing! - Apollo

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    We've only just met and started our rp, but I can already tell that you're really creative and your character is a JOY to play next to. You're also a kind person who I can talk Kpop with, haha. You're very descriptive and it really feels like I'm inside of the rp, living in it. It's amazing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 2 days 8 hours ago)