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If you don't like ice cream you are not allowed...
...just kidding, everyone are allowed here!^.^

You are very welcome to write to me if you want to RP!

Rave Reviews

I just have one thing to say about ChocolateIceCream- They're great! Our roleplay may not have lasted long but things happened and I look forward to future plots with them! They're so kind, caring and thoughtful in OOC conversation and it really brings a smile to my face to see when I have a message from them <3 every single one is appreciated. They're characters and writing are also amazing! Unique and creative <3 I definitely recommend messaging them if you haven't already! - Sauron
This girl is one of the sweetest girls you'll ever find! She always asks you how you feel, and make sure you feel appreciated, which i absolutely adore. We haven't roleplayed and talked for that long, but i already know for a fact, that imma keep her <3 Besides that, her characters are so well written and created, which her replies are too!! I'm glad she reached out to me! <3 - Eksebekse

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