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ATTENTION; Replies will take time. I'm not sleeping well and trying to find my way back to life after an eye injury that will take long to heal. I hope you all understand!!


Constant mood:

If you don't like ice cream you are not allowed...
...just kidding, everyone are allowed here!^.^

You are very welcome to write to me if you want to RP!

Rave Reviews

I love this girl too much and there's just a lot to love about her! She's been such a caring, funny, relatable friend that I cherish so much. We get along so well together, I wish I knew her in real life. As a roleplayer, though we just started an RP, I'm always waiting for her next reply because her writing awes me. Her writing style and details used reminds of the work of an author. You won't regret RPing with ChocoIceCream! ^_^

ily <3 ~Noor - halwa_noori
I have no clue if I have given Chocolate kudos before but here goes! ChocolateIceCream is an incredible person who is understanding and unique. They are a pleasure to roleplay with and their characters are so developed. I find myself swooning over the different character relationships we develop whenever we roleplay. An amazing person to roleplay with and an amazing friend, ChocolateIceCream is one of the best and if you ever do have the chance to roleplay with them definitely go for it!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Apollo

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