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The Pilgrim's Progress
The Pilgrim's Progress is an allegory, made by John Bunyan, of the trials and tribulations of a Christian, a follower of Jesus, towards the end where the promised land is. Since the highly proclaimed novel has been adapted into a movie, and since the book is on Public Domain, I thought I should share the book with you, via a PDF. (You may also buy a copy, but I suggest you find a free version if you're not willing to spend the money.
I will say that if you're not willing to be a Christian, then don't read this. There is no reason for you to read this, and honestly, there is nothing in here for you.
If you are willing to read this, remember that it is an allegory, so most everything is quite literal to get the point across, and it is written in Ye Old English, so take some time with reading the sentences. Trust me. I'm having to read over a few times myself.

What's to come!!
Well I guess it's time to talk about what is to come later on with my account! As some of you have noticed, I've been grouping characters together into familias, or families. Why? Because of two reasons, first being to help strengthen the bonds between my characters, making them related to a deeper meaning and unlock more ways to rp! Also to just save on character space because my broke but can't afford a five-dollar dragon tooth. ;^; There are some restrictions with this, as I'm only able to, so far, make 4 characters at a time, one page being reserved for history/backstory. But this is also good! A basic account can hold up to 10 characters at a time, so 10 times 4 means 40 characters all together! This is honestly a taxing process as to make family members for each branch will be hard, but it will come together eventually! Just you wait, this will be amazing!
Oh! Another thing, I have mentioned this before, but I am going to work on making voices for my characters, or at least the males. It will help make them more lifelike and whatnot, and to get you guys more immersed with the characters! I'm hoping this will spread across to others, and we can usher in a new era of roleplay!
Coming to you from the house of crazy ideas, this is CoyBoat275, signing out!

My new favorite youtube video

ART! Well looks like I'm drawing now... Didn't know how it happened or why... But it is... So I'm going to draw... It's going to take a lot longer than normal people because everyone here is a pro at art, but I'll give it my best try! (And I'm sticking with manga because I like the expressions they have) Click here to see some ART!

A contact info
If you need to contact me, why I have no idea, just message me on Discord
The Christmas(Boat)#6165

Welp I'm going to take a break for a few, needing to relax and just do what I love... And that's yugioh
Well, I guess an update. So I will not be responding to rps as quick as I use to... I'm going to reply about 1 to 3 times a day. The reason being is that I just need a break and I need time to type up responses. I'm hoping this will lighten my load and I can do more rps, and make better responses.
The Kingdom of Aselia Promise you it is a good story, despite me not being able to write in basic English
Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Face
Some basic RP things
One note when I'm roleplaying. Sometimes I leave for a long time... Typically if I do... It's because I don't want to roleplay anymore. Yes, it sounds bad, trust me, I hate it too. If I am gone for a long time, just delete the pm and forget about it. I might come back, but sometimes I don't. It's not because I hate the roleplay, I just feel like it died too soon. If you want to try another roleplay, please message me about doing something else!
When I rp, I use the basic "", so when I roleplay, "I use this to talk," and out here to describe. I tend to rp in the third person, but I will do the first person if needed. The genres I like are Romance, Fantasy, Modern, and Adventure. I like to respond with about 3 ish sentences at times, but I will do less or more, depending on what time I'm on and how much I can write back. Please try to write more than a sentence, and less than an essay.

I am a Kuudere! What the hell does that mean? *Googles* So it means, cool and sweet... Eh, I'd guess that would be me.
Oi! You! Do you need to fuel your rocker side while playing video games? Come check out my playlist, The Ultimate Gaming Mix! Only with the best of the best Rock music from a wide spectrum of the Rocking world!
I also have another playlist with 350 songs on it! (All Rock because Rock is amazing)
I'm sure you'll never get bored with listening to it!

Rave Reviews

Even though I don't know Coy yet, I think he's quite a fun guy and he's resilient to the challenges of life. So I believe he can reach very different points about creativity. For someone who likes to write rp, could there be a better gift than that? Oh, he also likes hugs. - Serene
I should have given him this after our first rp,but my god this dude here is an AMAZING role player,i love the MxM rps that we do together,they are so much fun,and if you haven't rped with him yet,do so now. - JetStorm

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