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Greetings fellow rpers!

My name is DJHonore and to be honest I'm a novice rper and a novice GM/DM. Most of my free time is spent working on my rp group "Rexia RP" for which I serve as GM/DM. The rest of my free time is spent either chatting with other rpers or taking part in RPs hosted by other rpers.

Note: I'm still working on the lore behind Rexia RP

Honestly though Rexia RP is my pride and joy, as well as my baby. I have spent inumerable hours developing the lore into something everyone can enjoy. It takes place in the Medieval time period in the magical (and fictional) realm of Rexia. The inhabitants have established nations along racial lines with the all powerful Goliath Orc Territories being the biggest empire in the realm. But, in the forbidden lands, a demonic force is brewing that could wipe out all life in Rexia.

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