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Update! With this whole coronavirus thing I'm out of school and lately have more things to do. But as of late I occasionally will have periods of time that I just don't want to log in to rp. Also sorry if I take a really long time to reply, it might be because I just don't know what to say or I'm worried whatever I say will sound stupid. So yeah.

Hello! My name's DeadMenTellNoTales, and I've been roleplaying for years now. I'm still getting used to this site, but so far it seems fun!

~ About me ~
- I'm a female.
- I love roleplays with drama, angst, etc.

~ What do you like to roleplay? ~
- I only roleplay male characters. I just don't feel comfortable playing as females, sorry. Exceptions might be made for fandom roleplays, though!
- Fandom roleplays: I only feel comfortable with canon characters. This might change as a per-rp basis, but it's true most of the time.
- I love drama, angst, fighting, etc in rps. I don't really care for slice of life roleplays.
- Superhuman roleplays. Especially the dynamic between superhero and villian. Possibly Superhero x Supervillian.
- I don't do sexual roleplays. Romance is fine, as long as things don't get too steamy if you know what I mean.

- No one-liners
- Be literate. Have decent grammar and spelling, please.
- Nothing sexual.

~ What fandoms are you interested in? ~
- Transformers Prime
- Transformers: Animated
- The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz

~ Pairings? ~
- Transformers Prime: Starscream x Ratchet OR Starscream x Arcee OR Starscream x Knockout OR Knockout x Ratchet
- Transformers: Animated: Blitzwing x Bumblebee OR Blitzwing x Optimus Prime
- The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz: Chopper x Dorothy (FRIENDSHIP)

~ Other ~

Have an rp idea you want to try with me? PM me and see if I'm interested in it, I won't bite! ^^

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This girl is amazing and I love how detailed she is with her replies. We are currently doing a TFA RP together and so far everything is going great,she even has great ideas and I absolutely love her character Blizwing. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - JetStorm

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