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Hi, I'm Elle.

I roleplay and do art and stuff. I also have an art Discord server where I post more frequently than my dA.

I'm 80s throwback trash. I'm friendly but neurodivergent and I occasionally stick my foot in my mouth. I forget a lot of things. I still love you though.

Most of my characters profiles are set to anonymous because I prefer the aesthetic of not having my RPR name linked, but I will never try to trick people into thinking an alt is not mine. I've linked my mains here, though I have a (very small) handful more I puppeteer from time to time. I love to RP and largely play on either Furcadia or Discord. I don't RP over RPR, sorry!

CHzZDbY.png P6ru6mV.png BU51TOG.png p7oDtvZ.png QWNb1XO.png


Elle's Characters

Elle either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

There are many things to be said for the svelte miss Halothane. A superb and prolific artist that brings the denizens of The Golden Tether to life with unmatched grace. Her characters are paragons of glamour, and her art style can be spotted from a mile away. Elle, I'm so glad that you bridged the gap - I think we'll have to rectify the 'never having RPed together' bit some time soon as well! - Goat
I don't think I've ever heard a bad word spoken about this woman, because there just aren't any to say. Those who have her in their life are so lucky, not only because of the great talent she wields, but mostly due to the amazing soul she carries. From beautiful characters who are so detailed and diverse, to a creative writing gift that gets you hooked from the first post she makes, and art that is soulful and captivating, she is simply amazing. I love her beyond measure, and you will too. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - FatCatSupreme

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    "I adore this woman. From the stories we write together to the endless banter and all things in between, she's been a beacon of kindness, trust and understanding for me and so many others. Her characters are full of depth and nuances and I delight in engaging them any chance I can get, as well as the wonderful person behind them. One of my dearest friends. Thank you for being you. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor"
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