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Hi, I'm Elle.

I roleplay and do art and stuff.

I'm your typical 80s throwback trash. I'm friendly, but pretty scatter brained. I'm not that good at talking to people. I mostly just draw and clunk through creative writing.

If we've chatted on Discord in TGT/Sunbird, feel free to add me as a friend if you want.
No total randoms, please.

I co-run this group with my best friend.

Elle's Characters

Elle either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Amazing person and an even greater writer. The detail and presentation of her posts is beautiful and she creates such amazing stories. A kind soul, so welcoming and nice. I look forward to the stories we will write! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CisMe
Elle isn't someone I chat with much, but her art is really wonderful. She's so skilled, and she works so fluidly and quickly, producing gorgeous pieces of art in a timely manner. I love seeing her work everywhere! - Auberon

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    How do I put into words what an absolute delight it's been to get to know Elle, befriend her, and get to write with her too? She is a hilarious person that is just so nice and giving and a pure delight to be around. My one regret is being so shy and waiting so long to actually start talking to her. She's the loveliest person with creativity off the charts - not just in terms of her art, but her writing too. She can brilliantly bring to life a variety of chars that hooks you in. ~ <3, Cirae Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 1 week 5 days ago)
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