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Hello everyone! Thank you for gracing my page with your presence! My name is Elvenlily as seen above! I try to be a nice person, totally understand when people get caught up with personal issues, no problem, we all have them! I do digital art in my spare time when not brainstorming posts for my current RP's (tbh I do both a lot anyway), which you can see examples of on my character profiles!

RP wise I love anything Medieval, High or Low Fantasy, Light Romance, Heavy Romance, etc. What I will not do is most stuff modern! Not really my thing! I am very capable of providing multi paragraph, in depth responses as I do like to make any story as if it were a best selling novel! But don't feel pressured if you can't do the same in some instances, I completely understand! One liners do rub me the wrong way so I refrain from that as much as possible.

Character wise I have only two at the moment, (with a third in the works), even being a member for two years. It takes me a good while to flesh out a new character from scratch but this ensures that the current ones I do own have their own, distinct speech, appearance and traits! I do take a lot of inspiration from Forgotten Realms lore and incorporate some of it into my characters!

Please feel free to check out my two current characters, and if you feel like one (or both) would suit you please don't hesitate to hit me up! I am always looking for more RP! See you around!!!

Rave Reviews

A character with agency, flaws, and inner strength. Roaes is a strong woman who feels very developed and thought out, but with room to grow in many different directions. She is versatile without compromising the core of her character. Wonderful writer - Ilmarinen
Breathtaking characters, long detailed responses and unique personalities make this writer stand out from the crowd. She is a great artist with so many detailed drawings I cant wait to see more of her art and RP more with her Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Tusitala2017

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