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I am a Creative Writing major, 22 year old American woman who wants nothing more than to leave this country and travel the world.
My favorite fruit: mango
My favorite vegetable: asparagus
My favorite meat: chicken breast or pork tenderloin
My favorite time of the day: twilight
My favorite smell: flowers, old paper or gasoline
My favorite color: forest green, royal purple, or blood red

Genres? Some fandoms, fantasy, science fiction and drama are all genres I do!
Settings? Historical (up to the mid 1800s), Modern (70s-2020s), and futuristic (2100+) are all settings I do!
Length? I do not accept less than a paragraph (5 sentences minimum) and will not do more than twelve paragraphs per post.
POV? I do first (I/me/my for my character, you/your/yours for your character) and third (he/she/them for everyone!)

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