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If you can't tell by my profile picture, I like incredibly silly things and almost all rps I start and join will be that way!
I don't really care how you rp, but things I do not enjoy in a rp is sexual content, yes i'm a teenager and I do not enjoy smut.
By far the most annoying thing you can do that can turn me away from a rp is writing a single sentence and giving me nothing to work with in terms of context, it's like talking to a brick wall instead of your character.
I may do several rp's at one time due to the fact that I have nothing better to do and I type and think as fast as Usain Bolt runs, which isn't good as I really should be thinking more about things that matter rather than writing responses on an online forum. Oof.

Besides that, here's some things i'm into:

-Hollow Knight
-Rain World
-Dungeons and dragons
-Costumes! (cosplay, fursuits, anything!)
-B i r b s .
-Roblox (I code on there sometimes)

that's currently all I can think of, but here's some other things about me:

-I didn't see a pine tree until I was 10
-I almost got my eye shot out by an arrow
-I technically have 12 siblings, due to my mom and dad getting remarried to different people

Some songs I like:

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