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Dear travelers,

I am Fear_Of_The_Unknown, and it is a pleasure to meet you! I have a fair amount of roleplaying experience and hope to improve while on this site. I love sharing tips with others, so here are a few:

Body language:
Even though we are typing things out rather than acting them out in the real world, we can still use our characters' body language to portray emotion. One of my favorite ways of doing this is with how they enter a room. I know, it sounds simple, but it can make a big difference in how others interpret your characters.

Example 1: If when you walk into a room, you keep eye contact with the person(s) in that room and close the door behind you, this comes across as extremely threatening. You leave no opening for them to leave nor attack you by surprise.
Example 2: when walking into the room, if you look behind you to close the door, then turning to make eye contact, this is less threatening because you gave yourself a week point by looking away, altho you closed the door to potentially avoid the others escape, or just to cause privacy.
Example 3: The least threatening way to do this is to enter the room and either leave the door open or close it halfway, stile leaving it unlatched. This shows that you intend no harm, expect none to come from the other(s) in the room, and that you are leaving an easy exit open.

Other words for 'said':
When your character speaks, and especially when they speak often, it is important to use words other than just 'said. Here are some examples and their associative emotion.

Appreciative/loving: Comforted, admired, soothed.
Anger: Shouted, yelled, bellowed, snaped, rebuked, scolded, hissed, spat.
Joy: Shouted, declared, laughed.
Excitement: Shouted, gushed, exclaimed, declared.
Sadness: Cried, gasped, sobbed.
Fear: Whispered, murmured, gasped, pleaded, begged.
Conflict: Rebuked, scolded, insulted, hissed, demanded, jabbed, sneered, spat.
Threatening: Cautioned, Threatened, spat.
Response: Responded, replied, answered.
Question: Questioned, inquired.

I hope these tips help you with your adventures. Goodbye for now.

In roleplay,

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