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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Birthday: January 21

Hey im Flower and welcome to my profile

I'm pretty bad at intros so keep that in mind XD

I like transformers and 80s-90s aesthetics. I have loads of characters and stories and i want to someday make a game :)

I took up writing cause i wanted to make stories and such but i realized my writing skills sucked but i gotten better and im hoping i'll get better and more comfortable with my writing.


Rave Reviews

  • FlowerCup is one amazing roleplayer and has shown that she is willing to let their character go through whatever I plan on having happen, even if I never thought that it would happen. Although they are offline a lot, they make up for it with their writing. So happy...
    -- TheNightmareSavage
  • I haven't known FlowerCup for very long and i wish i knew more amazing things about them, but what i do know is they are amazing! They have a wonderful sense of humor, and never fail to make me smile. Best of cups, and i like cups. Yes out of ten.

    PS: carrot > b EABN
    -- icyrosyseal

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