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I'm an Roleplayer that likes to roleplay and have fun...but sometimes I like to do things at my own pace as I do want to enjoy the outdoors...even though it's rather hot now since it's Spring, and I'm not a fan of the heat... ^^;

Anyway I have been RP'ing for nearly a decade, so I do have some good experience...though sometimes I do end up making some mistakes, especially in PM RP's... Still I try my best to entertain you with my roleplaying as it would mean so much to me if my partners enjoy my craft and characters ( Though sometimes I'm rather embarrassed to go into detail since it may weird people out ^^; ).

WARNING/DISCLAIMER (Updated on May 10th, 2017)

From now on, I'll be very selective as what RP's I would like to participate in; not only for the genres, but also partners in general. For story genres I don't mind just about any setting: Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-fi; with the subcategories of slice of life, adventure, romance, and mystery (With some exceptions). The list can change at any given time, but as for categories that I'm not interested in RP'ing is Zombies/Virus and/or Apocalyptical because I'm personally not a fan of the whole "Dying world" sort of thing... Also long, drawn out RP's is also a big no-no... I want a good story to have a good...or bad...ending at some given point down the road instead of constantly continue on with it being too stale...

As for RP Partners...and this one is now a big one has it has gotten to my attention that needs to be said now...I'm now going to be very selective as who I'm willing to roleplay with... The main concern I have been experiencing as of now is that I have a few RP's of which my partner is doing one-liner responses...or in rarer cases, virtually repeating the same type of post... Now since I'm an RP'er that puts some to a lot of effort into storytelling in order to entertain my partners...I wish that they can do the same... I don't mind one-liners every now and then because perhaps they're having an "off-day", but if it becomes a constant thing, then it would make me feel that my work is not being appreciated and ends up being wasted (Especially if one-liners happen more than 70% of the time with my partners)... As such...though I don't really want to...I may be more judgemental and critical in the near future if anyone else asks me to RP with them...

I know these warnings would make people scared of RP'ing with me, but I'm still try to be a nice and supportive least from now on I'll try to warn people if I'm starting to become unsatisfied with the gently as I can...

Anyway, that's all I have for right now, I hope to hear from you soon if you're interested in RP'ing with me; or perhaps if you're interested in my characters ( ...Despite them have no actual drawing to support what they look like... ^^; ). I have...quite the history with them...

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I have really enjoyed my role plays with this person so far. They are open to my ideas while also instilling ideas of their own! We currently have two rps going on and I find myself looking forward to the responses ! They are patient with my busy schedule and willing to communicate politely if things need to be changed within a rp. Definitely recommend rping with him! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Kotomi657
I've only got one rp going with him, but I have to say I am absolutely blown away by how well he rps. I can easily tell he puts a lot of effort in his replies and wants to be as invested in the rp as I do. Aside from that, he is a very polite and understanding person to get to know OOC. I look forward to seeing where our rp goes! - Gab

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