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I'm not big on introductions, but hi! I've been RPing for only about 15 years, but I've been writing stories forever. I love working on my characters and developing new ones. I love to RP, BUT I don't have much time for it anymore, sadly! I'll still chat here and there if it's desired, but be warned - I'm bad at conversation and I grew up under a rock, so to say I've got a lot of points with which to connect to people would be, well...a lie! ^^;

Still, though, hi. I hope you enjoy looking at my characters at the very least! <3

**Please also note I am extremely shy, I won't accept random friend requests and might not know how to respond to some messages!

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Just a very lovable person with a great personality and some decent writing skills to boot. I'm enjoying my RP with her immensely. - OtakuHanzo
Fox is a fantastic writer and an amazing friend. She's been my rock multiple times through the years and I'd walk on broken glass for her. Her writing is top-notch and her characters are always in-depth and interesting. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - heathxn

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