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Hi there! I go by Moon (or Nero).

Thank you for your patience! It is my part-time work offscreen and personal life that got me exhausted. It doesn't mean I'm not available to chat or embark on new role-playing adventures. Quite the opposite!


I prefer my partners to be aged 21 and above since I enjoy delving into more mature and risqué themes. If you dig steamy sex scenes, violence, questing, and are open to exploring more extreme and taboo topics, then you might find my style appealing. It's worth noting that stories with me can become quite intense, so feel free to establish some ground rules before diving into the excitement.

I typically aim to sync up response times with my partners. If you send a message once a week, I'll likely follow suit, minus those moments when inspiration strikes unexpectedly. Due to my schedule, I may not always respond more than once a day or daily. This can vary, so please be patient. However, feel free to check in and let me know if I'm slowing down, or if you find yourself with more time and would like to pick up the pace.

I lead a busy life outside offline, so my time here might be limited. I do encourage you to reach out if you think our RP is being neglected. While I may occasionally disappear, it's never an attempt to ghost anyone. If it's been a while, feel free to get in touch. If I've vanished due to life or mental health reasons, rest assured I will respond upon my return.

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Rave Reviews

He is really nice and helpful, has a lot of great roleplaying ideas and doesn't mind me being slow on understanding things or being self conscious about my writing. I love writing with him! Kind and understanding Helpful - Noctua
This guy right here is a great partner! Responds often, has good word choice and very detailed if you're into that. Great at contributing to the plot and writing thought-out characters. Recommend him 100%! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - InumakiBaby

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