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Before you interact with me or read further, you should know I don't tolerate any kind discrimination, this includes racism, sexism, anything against the LGBTQ community, etc. This user is one that is polite and respectful to every user unless provoked.

Now then, if my one, very clear rule to start with is understood and not applied; Please feel free to continue.

Salutations, it's nice to meet you. You may call me Lev, Genders, or Myth; Whatever you prefer is fine.

I'm Agender, so I use all pronouns. I'm Pansexual and Poly; But that's my business.

A little bit about myself: I have been here before, my old account is S7st3m_R3l04d1ng, but I haven't been active for a while until now. I've forgotten my password and email I used for that account; But I have changed a lot, so most of my past characters do not interest me anymore.

I'm a poet/writer, I have been rping for at least 7 years (could be more, could be less), and I have a terrible memory. I wish I could be exaggerating when saying it's horrible at the most inconvenient times. Oh, and I collect snowglobes- Which started as a joke, but now it's not so funny anymore.

Now to the important stuff, anything and everything rp-wise:

I mainly rp romance, but am open to mixing or only other genres, too. I mainly do LGBTQ characters/romance, but I'm also not opposed to hetero characters/romance.

I do have to say I'm a sucker for ship dynamics: Villain x Hero/Villain's Sidekick, New Teacher x Teacher, Crossdresser to Appeal x 'Gay, but doesn't want the label'

However, I'm not limited to just these dynamics, but also some have a plot idea already.

I am in a lot of fandoms, so just ask for a list or look at any of my characters that I might have specifically for a fandom.

I try to match my rper, or my writing varies based on how much I can work with the reply from the other rper. Here's a general example:


Lev was never very fond of the word normal, but he was fond of the word myth. She enjoyed it so much, she'd even dare to take it upon herself as another name. They didn't mind being called a lot of things, often being very open minded for things like that. However, he would draw the line for some things.

She smiled slightly to herself, even with the unsettling aura that was filled with everything dark within the room, but a dim light in the distance. How long have they been sitting in this chair, thinking about words, and about things that have become irrelevant now in their situation?

He tried to stand up from the chair, but his legs were numb, and his body instantly slapped onto the concrete floor. She must've been thinking silly to think she'd even get a single step closer to the light. They never stood a chance, did they?

"So close, but.. Still not close enough."


You should know I don't put 'character relationships' unless I'm requested to, so characters aren't reserved for another character/rp unless asked to be.

If anything is important for me to remember in an rp or for a character, please remind me to write it down or it might be forgotten-

I'm a very flexible person, but also keep in mind I work two jobs. I also have no triggers.

Rave Reviews

Lev is great! They give long responses chock full of detail and I’m always excited to get a message from them! While I have only recently began roleplaying with them, I highly recommend doing so if you want a story-driven, long-term RP! Creative ideas Long posts - Anonymous

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