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I <3 Ginji.
PuTSmVf.gifHi there! You seem to have stumbled across my profile! I'm Chantal, but you can call me Goo! Other nicknames include Chan, Channy, Channers, Goo, Goofish, Goobert, Kas, Old Man, and a whole other mess of things I can't be bothered to write down!

If you like artstuff and/or wanna see me do artstuff, feel free to pop in my Discord server!

8RVAxO1.gif I don't really RP anymore, but I still keep my nerds up here 'cause dangit, I like 'em.
I also always enjoy snooping through other peoples' cool characters. O_O

1Omi2Xc.gif I'm a fantasy/character artist, and I draw lots of peoples' cool characters that you may have seen around here! You can check out my art here: as well as find places to follow me, or throw money at me for a commission, if you're into that sorta thing!

7KRzNwj.gif I'm also a big ol' nerd and enjoy talking fandom stuff with people. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay! I'm generally pretty friendly (although I have my bouts of being bad at conversation, oop), feel free to shoot me a DM!

May the Triforce be with you!

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This lady right here is someone I more or less grew up with through the years, embarassingly enough I met her a staggering 14 years ago, almost. I've watched her grow as an artist over the years and she's never been less than a stellar person. - Healthbar
Goo is a great friend that I've known for more than half my life. She's amazing, and if you have the chance to sit down and have a chat with her, I suggest doing it! - Healthbar

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