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A peacekeeping mafia wolf who's not afraid to get his paws dirty for the greater good. Kind and big-hearted, Grey likes making new friends and supporting old ones, and he's there for you no matter what.


Greyson Christopher Howler, or Grey for short, joined the Midnight Clan in Madalin Cars Multiplayer as just a pup. While serving the clan, he fought in many famed wars including The Four-Hour War, the most well-known war in the game. He also fought in the Battle of the Flowers, the raid on the SS. Darkness, the attack on L.O.A.'s temple, and more. As he ranked up, Midnight Clan grew, and soon he rose up to the top to become the Alpha. While in the lead position, he effectively ended war in Madalin by signing dozens of treaties and alliances, and grew the clan 1,000% (from 20 to 200), making Midnight the largest and most reputable organization in the game.

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I haven't rped with him, but Greyson is a wonderful guy. He's understanding and really nice. I got confused about what a mutual friend said, and he cleared it up.

Kudos, Grey! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Icysoul
He's been with me for so long, he's a good person and is the best I know! He's always been there for me. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Rinny_Howler

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