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Hello!! You can call me brandon!

I'm literate, i use multiple paragraphs in one response, meaning I'm very descriptive usually, explaining characters thoughts, reactions, and also i might do things with the setting! Tho i am literate, i am fine being semi literate as well, just don't do one liners. I would say that I'm fine with at least a paragraph.

My roleplays often revolve around fandoms and playing cannon characters, tho i am not at all opposed to using ocs, original plots, and improvising. I'm also about fine with any genre, tho if you'd need to know, here are my most prominent ones: action, adventure, combat, angst, slice of life, horror, sci fi, fantasy,


Communities/Things i really enjoy!!(in no specific order)
-undertale/delta rune(mostly classic)
-nintendo in general almost
-mario series
-sonic series
-legend of zelda series
-horror games
-horror in general
-indie games
-pizza tower
-steven universe
-dont hug me im scared
-youtube media commentators(sabersparks, LSMark, ect
-youtube let's play comedy(gamegrumps, oneyplays, ect)
-murder drones
-the animation community
-helluva boss and hazbin hotel
-digital circus

Very much open to any other fandoms!!

My time zone is cst! I have work and school, so i can be quite busy, tho i try to get a good bit of responces everyday or so.

CONCERNING BOUNDARIES: i wanna make sure everyone is comfortable. I dont discriminate against anyone, i want this to be a safe space. Anyways If you have any triggers please tell me about them and or warn me. I myself dont have any triggers, but there are some things to keep in mind concerning rp

I have motivational issues sometimes, so please bar with me if i need a break or have delayed responses. You can send reminders!! In fact that is a must if im taking a bit. Just Please dont over do it or be blunt about it. That is all.

Anyways please feel free to shoot me a DM! Weather it be for rp or just chat!

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