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I have been writing short stories, poetry, prose, screenplay’s etc, for many years. It is a great passion of mine, and I treat this creative process with great reverence and respect.

I specialize in playing villainous characters, (usually men), but I can easily play female characters as well. When it comes to romantic scenes, (including those of the 18+ variety), I prefer exclusively m/m romance.

I have written in the fantasy, sci-fi, horror, psychological thriller, and romance genre’s. I am very open to trying new things, and do not have a problem with figuring out where a plot will go as we actively write.

I have high expectations from my writing partners when it comes to correct spelling and punctuation/overall good diction. I realize we are all human and make mistakes, but I take writing seriously, and I hope anyone I write with does as well.

Due to my life circumstances, I require someone who can set aside specific times for writing. However, I am flexible and can work with a potential writing partner according to their schedule as well. I hope this all doesn’t seem unnecessarily serious, but I suppose that reflects the personality of most characters I play!!

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