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5HB0XWp.png Oh, Hi!

I am Ru, from the United Kingdom!

Let's see... Some basic stats about me! I'm female, I was born October 9th 1993, married, no children, asexual but polyamorous (romantically only). I've graduated University with a degree in Computer Games Software Development and landed a job as a Test Analyst. I also have a keen interest in Photography, and always willing to learn more. I'm quite a busy person; I may not be able to talk and roleplay as much as I'd like to! But I'll always try and find time to say hello to anyone who comes my way :).

I have a huge interest in dragons, and collected dragon figurines since I was a little girl. But my huge obsession is my favourite animal... the Pangolin! I can talk about these cute mammals all day, they're fantastic and I love them!

wffuFAV.png Two characters (so far!) of mine are created around these beautiful creatures; Kokolo and Ruthy. I also sponsor a Pangolin monthly and hope that they soon begin to recover from the hunting they have gone through. Did you know there are 8 different types of Pangolin? 4 in Africa and 4 in Asia... and whilst they might look like armoured anteaters or armadillos, they are more closely related to cats and dogs! My favourite types are the Javan (!!) Pangolin and the Black-Bellied Pangolin, but I am smitten by them all. XmcUjUp.png

I also have my two friendly kitties, Sparks - a beautiful short-haired black cat - and Tybalt - a super affectionate ginger tabby!

Oh, I also adore coffee.


I consider myself an improving artist, and I hope to develop my artwork to a better standard as the years go by. I do Furcadia Portraits, digital art and some traditional works.

Shows I love include Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, and many more, so I'm quite a varied person in what I like to view.

My favourite genre of books are crime thrillers; my favourite author is Mary Higgins-Clark. My bookshelf is filled with all different genres, however!

Games I like to play include Furcadia, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Skyrim, but there are plenty more to add to that list. I DM a number of Dungeon and Dragon's games both online and in-person, and my favourite board game is Pandemic!


I have many, many characters - I think I'm a character hoarder, really! I love each and every one of them, even if I don't play them any more. Their stories create fond memories, and a bit of my soul goes into each one of them. I feel that they are a real big part of my life and give me joy. For this reason, I place them up on RPRespository, to give them a special place where they can belong.

However, quite a few of my character designs are either old or bought, so sometimes they don't have an artist against their name! If you know the artist and there is an incorrect credit (or none at all) please feel free to message me with the corrections. I really want to give the artists the recognition that they deserve!

You can find me on Discord (Java#7777) and Steam :D.

Always remember, Javan loves you!

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Experience is my epic friend from Furcadia, (I am Kasie) and she is a really kind, sweet person. - Kasie
Talezya (played by Javan)
I've had a chance to look over Experience's page before! With her species, Drakat, dragon and feline have been wonderfully combined to create a pleasing looking character. The site is very well laid out as well! - Dylan

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