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i'๓ fค๖นl໐นŞ, ๖it¢h

Jynx - Aka Steph - Aka Fae - Aka Hey, you

  • Is shy as hell. Seriously.
  • Probably has already clicked stalked you.
  • Loves rp, always.
  • Loves plots, ic drama, plots, rp, plots.
  • Loves horror and humor rps.
  • Pretty much obsessed with guestbook gif's. Rp with, and you will be flooded with them.
  • Plays bitchy characters, is not oocly like this. Usually.
  • Does not play often anymore.
  • Does not want your ooc drama.
  • Does want you to whisper. If you want rp you gotta tell me! I'm shy af.




Rave Reviews

Jynx is by far one of the most imaginative people I have met to date. Her characters are constantly captivating and complicated in the best of ways. It was unreasonable to think that I could have stayed away forever. I am glad to have reunited with one of my oldest friends. - Trishields
There are so many amazing things to be said about Steph it is near impossible to limit it all to one box. For how long it took up to pluck up the courage and talk to one another, I now could not imagine a day where I don't speak to her. She's creative and talented in her writing, with captivating and engaging characters. But above all, she is an amazingly kind and genuine person. A true rarity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your friendship. I feel so lucky to have it. <3 - Lyss

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