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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: December 06

I'm mainly an artist that has lots of characters I like to draw. I play DnD a lot and really love table top RP format, though I have only had the opportunity to try out a couple other systems besides DnD 3.5. My boyfriend and I both DM, so we spend lots of time geeking out over our characters and tricking them out <3 The characters I make, besides the ones for table top, are usually pretty basic, so to speak. I tend to make them as relatively blank "adventure ready" slates, so not many have lengthy back stories.

I used to text RP a lot when I was wee with friends in private chats. I haven't done it in a million years, so I am undeniably rusty, but would like to pick it up again, hopefully.

Either way, in all formats, I like to keep things pretty chill. I'm not that interested in super complicated plots because I want to have fun more than anything. In other words, if you're looking for someone with heavy characters and darker themes, I'm probably not your best bet. I like episodic romps and crawls the most. However, you can absolutely count on me to take character portrayal and separation from player knowledge seriously. I thrive on genuine character interaction.

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