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> I am a multi character rper;
> If you want to know who I RP as I suggest you to ask because I have many characters that is not there yet
But my most active one are from

. Outlast
. Silent hill
. Mass effect
. Until dawn.
. Resident evil
. The wolf among us.
. Jojo's bizarre adventures
. The evil within
> I am not selective but i have zero tolerance of bullshit, So please don't but me into your drama. Life can be a pain in the ass enough so i don't need more of it.

> I will roleplay with people who roleplay as, whatever they want but I don't accept any kind of 'troll'

> I do post a lot sometimes but everything is free for interaction but if it's say closed roleplay it's for a reason alright?

> Admin speak French and English but i do some grammar errors sometimes, My english still need more practice but hey no one is perfect, Plus I am here for have fun.

> I don't really care about how much you write, You do what you want but please don't give me one word as replies if you ask for a multi para roleplay. Speaking of length, I usually do ;
One liner
Semi para
Multi para ( three max sometimes five)

> Roleplay genres

I don't really have preference that's all I have to say about it.


> You read the whole thing? Nice let me know tho.. please.

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