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  • Age: 25

Yo, I'm Kidd: casual gamer, Pepsi drinker, and top tier anime trash.


One of my hobbies is browsing characters, finding ones I love, and being too afraid to interact with their creators.

My go-to preference is modern fantasy, but I can enjoy pretty much anything modern or fantasy. I almost exclusively RP original fiction and original characters--I am not very interested in playing with established fiction. I prefer to play with others who are around my age, but this is not a hard rule. All that said, RPR is good place to contact me. Upon request, I also have a Discord. Thanks!

Find my OCs on Waterfall: nexus

Timezone: GMT+8

Rave Reviews

  • Kidd is one beautiful human being and this was long time coming... their writing is splendid; their characters feel like real people; seeing a reply from them always made my day; kind, patient, understanding and ready to plot, Kidd is the best roleplay partner you...
    -- Wixiany

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