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  • Age: 24

Yo, I'm Kidd: casual gamer, Pepsi drinker, and top tier anime trash.


One of my hobbies is browsing characters, finding ones I love, and being too afraid to interact with their creators.

My go-to preference is modern fantasy, but I can enjoy pretty much anything modern or fantasy. I almost exclusively RP original fiction and original characters--I am not very interested in playing with established fiction. I prefer to play with others who are around my age, but this is not a hard rule. All that said, RPR is good place to contact me. Upon request, I also have a Discord. Thanks!

Find my OCs on Waterfall: nexus

Timezone: GMT+8

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  • Kidd gave Wixiany kudos!
    "Wixiany is a clever and detailed RP'r! Her writing is vibrant and really brings characters to life, making them wonderful to interact with. I was in a bit of a slump when she and I started our RP, but I was inspired and refreshed by her words. She is super reliable and good at OOC communication, too! Beyond role playing, Wixiany is so kind and respectful. She deserves the best because she gives her best! Thanks, Wixiany."
    (About 2 months and 1 week ago)
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