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Hail Adventurer!

I am still quite new to the site so this profile will continually be under construction until I gain my bearings

Personal Details

Name: Call me "Flame"
Gender: Keep guessing ;)
Age: Over twenty, too close to Thirty.
Occupation: I work in IT, Work from home!
Likes: Huge Video Game Enthusiast of all varieties, RPG/MMO/FPS, I know most common names and have likely played it too. I probably spend way too much time at my computer.
Hobbies: Music - I was once a music major before switching to Computer Science. I make a lot of music at home in my free time. Otherwise I'm usually off exploring; Hiking, fishing, seeing new sights and eating good food.
Other Details: I love to socialize and chatting, learning of other walks of life, and connecting. I think life is full of beautiful souls worth admiring. I am a person of pleasure and indulge in life's offerings, and I get a kick of pleasing others in all notions. Expect many compliments, and overly kindness, and plenty of chivalry.

Writing History

I've been writing for as long as my fingers have touched keys, so a very long time. I once started Roleplaying on Forums back when Neopets was all the rage. Since then I've floated from site to site, some largely known, others not so much. I took a recent break in past years to focus on my career. During that time I proceeded to write my own poetry, short stories and even (of course) an attempt of a novel. In my recent complacency I have found the itching for muses to dance in tandem. There is magic to a good roleplay, interaction and engagement and connection that I cannot replicate elsewhere, and hence my return.

Writing is very much an art form, of which I am just simply a humble amateur. I have no real training outside of typical classes, but find myself best expressing through playing with words. I enjoy phrasing things differently, spending time among the details, and toying with its endless capabilities.

That being said - I often get very wrapped up in my writing. I can usually reply within an hour, and you will be able to tell if I am deep in my mind. I am capable of typos, grammar mistakes and the like - but pride that most often not. In those cases, respect that I am no professional in this manner, and just pretend you didn't see it ;)

Looking to RP?

My first realm of thought regarding Roleplay themes and genres is that - A good story can exist any where. I have no qualms with any genre or topic, but I do have wishes to make it the glory it can be:

I prefer a world that is collaboratively built, rather than singularly lead by one unit. This means often times I will ask to divide the realm and lay "stake" on pieces of it. My partner will have certain topics/themes/races/ideas that they might build and lead. Most of this should be kept from me and reveal through the roleplay. This allows my partner to take charge and contribute when needed (By playing specific characters around the theme) and throw in "Wrenches" to add twist and churn. I would like the same capability. This keeps us both on our toes, allows us to be invested in the story, and really stir the pot. I can go more into this concept in DM's if you wish it.

+Fallible Characters & Realms
No character should be all powerful. I welcome strength and power, I love an established and powerful character. However, I would wish that there are certainly weaknesses, and internal tropes to overcome that allow character growth and engagement. Obviously, I would very much do the same. I encourage heavy backstory that is also hidden from me and revealed in the story. As far as Realms - I don't necessarily believe every realm/entity/government and so on is perfect. They may be positively aligned, but there should always be: Consequence, onto my next topic.

Every action deserves consequence, even the good ones. If you saved a soul - what was the reaction of this action? It doesn't have to be apparent and immediate, but there is balance to the world. This also means at a plot level, character level, and so on. I'm not saying you have to brew that into every little thing; but more so that not every situation is a win. A lot of roleplays bend to the will of the writers for the most peaceful or wanted outcome. Sometimes - yes, but... not everything should be a success, and even success has its draw backs. I ask myself, and my partner to try and incorporate this thought in the plotting and scheming.

I am all for brainstorming concepts, and initial designs. However... there is true beauty to a revelation mid story. Let us say you have done a lot of back ground lore - Don't spell it out to me in DMs, and don't reveal it without tactful attempt. In otherwords - maximize this as much as you can! I don't necessarily want to learn of everything regarding your character in the 3rd post, let's string it out. Get me attached, and rip me to shreds, if you can. I believe Art in general is all about tension and release, and playing the strings of the soul and heart.

+Be as Creative as you Can
Sky is the limit, this is your story - go crazy. Don't hold back. Do something absolutely wild, go for the unacceptable, the unimaginable. You do not need to play within the safety box of reality, why bother? :)

What do I like you ask?

As I said, all good stories can exist in any genre.

Genre Likes:
+Magic, magic, more magic
+Fae based (Elves, Pixies, Gnomes, etc blahblahblah)
+Gods & Goddess' Interfering
+Demi Gods

Many of these can be mixed together, or just singular.

Neutral: These will require some "Spice" to keep my interest, I don't like to do typical scenarios with these:
+College Based
+Slice of Life

Themes: Themes I like, can combine, or just singular
+Gore (uhh yesss please)
+Enemy to Friend-emies
+Damsel in Distress
---- Intimate Scenes are Okay but not focus
---- FTB acceptable
+Politics (War, Deceit, Governmental problems, etc)
+Religion Conflicts
+Racial Conflicts
---- Not saying I am aligned with any thought, but often in stories you might have something like: Elves don't like humans, etc etc. Along those lines
---- Note: If Slavery is apart of the story know that my character, no matter what will be AGAINST it. Its just a boundary, and I will destroy any villain who allows it.

I think this is good enough, I might tweak this as time goes on. This is just to help you get cozy.

OOC Chatter Details

I'm a big fan of just chit chatting, I am happy to get to know as much as you are willing to allow. We don't have to become best friends, but I am happy to talk! I love talking about psychology, ways of life, culture, and get real deep - if that is your liking. I am naturally also a virgo, so - I give the best advice, honestly. *humble brag*

If you are a shy person - no fret! I am happy to lead a conversation and get you comfortable. If you are shy - just send me a "Hello" with the notation: "What is your most recent fishing catch?" I know it sounds silly, but that'll let me know right away just how to help. Of course too, I love to brag about my catches ;)

Know that I am aware of life's grip on our souls, and what it can do to us. A victim myself of many-a-things, I am understanding and patient. I know it is hard to trust those under the guise of the internet; so I welcome your boundaries as well. My ask is - be as upfront as you absolutely want to me. I do not take offense to a thing, especially when those are laying clarity and expectation to me. This is a Safe Space for you, and for me. Know that if you breach my own safety, I will be upfront in saying so, and hope you respect me as much as I do you. I welcome every soul; broken, tangled, kept, intact, whole, it matters not, you are safe. My promise.

Care to know what I'm playing? (Video Games)

My Favorites & Completed
+Final Fantasy Series of all Kinds are my absolute favorite. Final Fantasy X is the best to me! IX coming in close second. I've played FFX easily 12 times with two 100% completions. Judge me, I dont care!
+Skyrim, OF COURSE. I probably play through this once a year or so.
+Dragon Age I & II - What a Great series!
+All of the Halo Series Ever - I know that there is speculation of the story, but Halo was near and dear to my heart as a child, and so I play. Judge me, go for it. I no longer have an Xbox now though, having gone Playstation Route.
+Witcher I, II, & III - Again, an amazing realm, the show was alright.
+Last of Us I & II - I actually swapped to Playstation and sold my Xbox for this game, certainly well before the TV series came out.
+Apex Legends - Yep, shoot things. Win. Easy. I don't play so much anymore but have sunk many of hours into it.
+Minecraft - Once upon a time, mostly during college - I was a hard core Minecraft player. I would actually build my Roleplay Realms in Minecraft on Survival mode, because I'm nuts and dedicated. I haven't played in a hot minute.
+Valheim - Ugh, when this game came out initially - I sunk SO many hours into it. I crank it up every now and again, but mostly haven't touched it in a minute.
+This list can only go on for EVER. Ask for more.

Games I am Currently Playing:

+ World of Warcraft: Judge me, sure. I've been playing since I was about 10. If you wanna know more - DM me. I am.... uh. Yes, very into this game. Top 10%, top 5 on my realm, I could go on forever but will spare you the embarrassment. (Yes I've played other MMO's: ESO/Final Fantasy etc, but find myself drawn back to WoW)
+Balders Gate 3 - Of course, how could I not. I am taking my sweet sweet time in this game currently.
+Final Fantasy 16 - I am almost done! Probably 3-4 more hours left.
+Rimworld - an addiction that I cant shake. Usually play this during downtimes in games, when I need something different.

I provide my gaming details above simply because they have an influence on my writing. I get a lot of ideas from the huge scope of games I've played. I welcome any OOC chatter on them. I'm also a big reader, but wont list out my books at the moment. I usually jump between Fantasy, Business & IT books, and Self-help stuff.

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