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Just a quick notice to anyone wanting to RP with me, I wont be on as much what with school and all but ill still try and reply in a sane time span.

RP Information

• I'm a semiliterate, short para writer. I'm pretty flexible with my writing partners and I don't mind concise replies as long as they have substance. However I have my limits, please avoid one liners if possible.

• I dislike violence and combat. If necessary due to plot reasons I need to discuss it beforehand. I don't RP with characters who are violent, especially those who assault other OCs because they're angry or offended.

• I like prediscussed plot. I prefer talking and planning out what is meant to happen, to avoid the RP being drawn out too long, and to keep it from dying right away too. This doesn't mean we have to plan everything that happens, of course, I just need it near the beginning and we can share ideas when we move into the middle. Emphasis on discuss - I'd prefer if you didn't message me if you won't a have any ideas to offer. If I wanted it to run solely on my own I'd just write a book. Similarly I'll try my best to give input, and I understand that can be difficult sometimes, just so long as it isn't 100% of those times we're good.

• However, I don't do predecided relationships. Neither of our characters know each other. This also applies to romance, if it happens it will only be a minor thing, and even then, I don't like it all that much.

• I won't make my OCs behave out of character for plot reasons, and I don't expect yours too, either.

• My motivation isn't stable, and neither are my replies. I do better with a slower paced partner, however my reply time does also depend on the length. I may reply from once a week to every other day to multiple replies in a day. If I know I'll be off for awhile I'll alert my partner(s).

I curse IC and OOC on occasion, if that matters.
My Characters
• My character's bios are on average 1,100 words, the personality page, that is. My shortest is around 800 words and my longest 1500. (Totally not bragging here)

Emalyn is my precious push over. She is a fickle, gentle girl with a love for astrology.

Gwen Is my sugar and ice gal. She puts up a front of a shy sweet girl to mask her cynical, unlikeable personality so that others won't hate her. She's my favourite, and easiest to play.

Holly is my nosy, relaxed (especially in regards to her morals) one. She writes a school blog and wears it like a badge to stick her nose where it doesn't belong.

Kathy Is my upbeat, loyal one. She is both very competitive and protective, by far my most active OC.

Matilda is my problems-one. Not that Gwen doesn't have her fair share of personality isssues, but Matilda really takes the cake with her anger issues, attachment issues, trust issues...Issues, issues issues. So d e l i c i o u s.

Sadie is, well, a sadist. She's a stuck up materialist with a moral code that aligns with whatever she wants at the time.

Walter is more of a caricature than a character, and he's probably my most fun (and offensive, aside from maybe Holly) to play.

About me

• While my fantabulous personality can't be summed up with stereotypes and labels, I'll list my personality stereotypes and labels anyway. I'm an ENTP Virgo. ♍

• I'm an atheist ⚛️ (the kind that believes in ghosts xd) and a lez bean 👭 🏳️‍🌈.

• Hobbies and interests wise, I like debating, writing ✍️ & and making OCs (of course), drawing ✏️, reading 📖(mostly nonfiction nowadays) and walking 🚶 is nice, too.

• The shows I like are South Park, Gravity Falls, and Hazbin Hotel.

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