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Greetings everyone.

Before we begin I'd like for everyone to take a look at the information below.
Information about me.
Hello! My name is Rose, It's a pleasure to meet you, I am 25 years old and I am a very complex person, to say the least. I am a huge fan of Anime, Video games, Fandoms, movies, and Cosplay! I have a few IRL friends who I hang out with on Saturdays and currently am unemployed and not in school, Sadly I am quite lazy. I am currently involved IRL with the love of my life Jennifer. I don't have kids, I am Bi-Sexual. I consider myself to be quite nice but also a challenge, I get easily bored and can slip into some really dark depressive states. I suffer from Bi-polar disorder and I have horrid brain damage from an illness I still suffer from, So please if we are to Rp please take this into consideration if you don't get a message from me in 2 days remind me in our OOC chat.

Rp Details

Okay, So let's be completely honest here. Below is the list of thing s I do and things I don't do. Please take these into consideration when rping with me.

  • 18+ Content, If you catch my drift, I adore this kind of Rp.
  • Multi-Person Rp, I enjoy more than one person in an Rp as long as they can keep up with the posts... waiting an entire week can kind of kill the mood.
  • Multi Characters, As long as my characters exist and make sense in the universe we are Rping I will play them all for you.
  • I post more than 2 Paragraphs Minimum for our roleplays.
  • Am willing to try almost anything, Just ask!

  • Any Post below 2 Paragraphs
  • Rp with anyone under 18
  • First Person Rps
  • Some Kinks Plz ask to know my Reject list
  • Crossovers, I have had nothing but bad experiences with this.
  • I don't Rp as Canon Characters
Disclaimer: I reserve the right to add or adjust this list at any moment.

  • Dragon Ball Z, Dragon ball, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Warcraft
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • DC
  • Pokemon
  • Others (Ask if it's not listed here)


Other than the Times Listed below I am free.
Monday: Free
Tuesday: 9-11pm EST I raid In Warcraft
Wednesday: Free
Thursday: 9-11pm EST I raid In Warcraft
Friday: Free
Saturday: 6-9pm EST I raid In Warcraft or am hanging out IRL with friends.
Sunday: 6-9pm EST I raid In Warcraft

Personal Rp Rules & Guidelines, Please Read!
    1. Respect and Etiquette: Be courteous to me and try not to disrupt the RP as much as possible. If you'd like to discuss something concerning the RP it's preferred that you do so through private messages, or in a separate Chat. Posting OOC within an RP is fine, but try to keep it to a minimum, or as part of your IC post. If you plan on leaving an RP for whatever reason, please have the common courtesy to write yourself out of it, in character.

    2. No Godmoding or Metagaming: This is regarded as the ultimate low in RPing and is not only disrespectful but is also unfair. Godmoding could entail either an RPer controlling other people's characters without permission, performing closed-ended attacks or creating a character that is invincible.

    Metagaming, while similar, is a bit different. When someone metagames, they are reacting to events and characters using out of character knowledge. An example would be knowing another character's name despite your character never having met them or having any prior knowledge about them. Another example would be knowing the enemy's next move by reading it in a post the owner of said enemy character has made. These are things that you are not supposed to know in character, therefore, these things should not affect the way you RP and should have no bearing on your character's actions because they do not have any knowledge of these things.

    3. Be Reasonable and Realistic: I understand that you and I are different people, We have different interested, friends, triggers, etc. Try to take this into account when we are discussing an Rp or even while we Rp. If I do something that you disliked or you no longer have time for the Rp take a moment to inform me, I can fix it do not ghost me...

    Something I have come across often is that because most of my characters are women they are automatically weaker than the person they are fighting just because of their birth gender... Try not to be this person... We escape to this fantasy world to be rid of this crap don't bring it into it.

    4. Rp is a Two Way Streak: For the love of God, If you are going to roleplay with me, please! Do not be the guy or gal who comes without an idea or unable to contribute to the story. I understand that in some universes there may be some discomfort like me when it comes to Sci-fi I don't really enjoy it as I am unsure of what can go and what cannot go in the story. Basically what I am trying to say is help contribute to the story, I will not expect you to be the main force driving the story and I don't expect you to force me into the situation. We work together... otherwise is just my storytelling...

    5. I am not here to help you get your rocks off, Do not Rp with me simply to blow your load and hit the road... you have no idea how annoying that is. I am not a tool for you to use and discard once your satisfied if you are reading this and your that person.... please don't bother. While I enjoy Erp I am not gonna focus so heavily on it that there is no story...

    6. Auto-Hits: Now I normally do Combat in Rp, I am more than Okay with you harming my characters just ask or give me a heads up first. Do not Auto hit me and expect me to be okay with it, you did not make any of my characters so you do not know what they are capable of and vice-versa.

    7. Disclaimer: I by no means am a perfect person, So I reserve the right to add or remove any of these rules at a moments notice to further enhance my experience here on Rpr.

Rave Reviews

Amazing writer. Intricate and interesting characters. Amazing attention to detail and posts that will keep you excited for the next one to pop up in your notifications. - Lord_Cross
Rose is a fantastic writer. I feel like I'm watching a MARVEL movie when I'm reading her posts. She is graphic and realistic with her descriptions, highly detailed and lets her imagination run wild without losing credibility. Each action she makes in the story is sensible and makes the story flow well. Kudos! =) - danmanmun

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