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a v e r a g e p a n s e x u a l t e e n a g e g i r l s o b s t o r y

HMU if you wanna RP anytime!

I listen to a lot of music but I love Nightcore, Twenty One Pilots, Panic!At The Disco, and Cavetown

Yes I am the LightWolf180 on Wattpad and Instagram, as well as other social media's and apps.

Fandoms I'm in:

Hamilton (LAMS 1000000% YES)

Be More Chill

Dear Evan Hansen

Percy Jackson(hehe, Solangelo)

Harry Potter

Doki Doki Literature Club


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Five Nights at Freddy's

Voltron (Sheith and Klance)

Star Wars

Aphmau (Garrence!)

Thomas Sanders (Prinxiety XP)



Camp Camp


I mostly do adventure, fantasy, modern, or romance RP's! Feel free to experiment universes or AU's as much as you please!

I think that's all of them..... eh, I'll add to it later if I think of any XP

I am active now, and I hope to log on at least once a week, sorry for the summers delay of activity!

Rave Reviews

Oh gosh, where to begin! LightWolf is an incredible roleplayer to write stories with, she sticks to the characters and gives them such life! Even her ocs, their so vibrant and unique. I honestly love working with her, and I know for sure you will as well. This gal always has me excited to see how she'll continue our little story! - WeirdArtist
I must warn you. You will fall in love with LightWolf180's characters. I'm not talking about your character. But you, you will fall in love, yourself. She plays so well that at some point you will miss that roleplay of yours. - Adalsteinn

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