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Hello Everybody! ^-^
Here's a little bit about me,
I love romance, fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi roleplays! I also like to do super-powered roleplays! PM me if you want to roleplay I'm open to any ideas.

I feel I need to explain my username. It’s MarinaSauce because my name is Marina and Marinara Sauce tastes good I guess.

If you ever want to talk or roleplay, please let me know, I'd love to! If you ever need advice or someone to talk to I'm here!

Rave Reviews

Such a cool person to write with. Her characters are sweet and have a lot of personality. Her posts are well written and have lots of detail. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Pantrane
Isabella (played by MarinaSauce)
Have been writing an RP with Isabella for quite a long time and have enjoyed it a lot. We have taken breaks at times but it always is a joy when we continue! If you get a chance to RP with Isabella it will be fun! Creative ideas Concise posts - Anonymous

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