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  • Gender: Demigirl
  • Birthday: October 31

((Sorry that I've been gone for so long! I can probably get back on my normal schedule in about a week.)

Hey there! Meme_Knight here! Or just Meme, if you prefer. I am relatively new to roleplay, but I love making OCs and writing backstories for them! I try to be friends with everyone, so if I seem a little too bubbly at times, I apologize. If you haven't noticed already, I am a fan of Undertale, dank memes, and all things nerdy! You can also often find me at the top of playing some of my favorite forum games, or occasionally the Sci-Fi roleplay forums. Feel free to PM me, and we can RP together!

WARNING: I am as slow as a sloth when it comes to replying, so please try to be patient with me if you are PM-ing me. Just warning ya ;)

(If you have any questions about any of my roleplays, yays/nays, or schedule feel free to ask!)

My timezone is US Eastern time, in case you were wondering.

Mon-Fri: 9 PM-11 PM (I work best late)
Sat: 10 PM-11 PM
Sun: I do not roleplay on this day.

IMPORTANT: This will be the norm until further notice. Note that I will get on occasionally not on schedule, this is because I find I have free time.)


-Cheesy romance
-Some fandoms (I will only rp ones that I know of)


-Unfamiliar fandoms
-constant battle/war


-Sexual content (anything not too graphic is fine)
-Power players (Mary/Gary Sues)
-Extreme Gore

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