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Female - She/Her - 22 - Writer - Artist/Designer - Waitress :l - Alone forever :/ - Birthday December 19th - Giant marshmallow - Celebrating being alone ;3 - Trying to forget about 2020 and what it did - A cheese ball with zero cheddar - Already hating 2021 - Starting to jump higher on horseback - Feeling cheesy - Wanting someone to hold - Now mourning being alone - AHHHHHHH!! - Still mourning being alone..

“I get scared. I get uneasy. I can’t be happy. I can’t be sad. All I can do is look you in the eye, and say this: gather around, for we have a secret weapon; tiny turds.”

Hello! I'm MoonPanda, but you can just refer to me as Panda if you'd like :)

I love roleplaying, and I'm very interested in romantic type rps, whether that be fantasy or no fantasy.
I do not do any type of animal roleplays, but I can do shapeshifter roleplays depending on the characters.

I'm more comfortable playing female, but if you are to, I'm always up to try out being male a few times. My rping may differ playing as male rather than female, but it should stay the same with grammar and length wise. On that note, I can adjust to almost any length; but, I am more comfortable with lengths anywhere from one liners to 300+ words.

I can write up to 7 paragraphs if requested, but please note, I will not reply as quickly and often in a longer lengthed reply as I will in shorted lengthed replies. (I do know lengthed is not a word, but it is now added to my dictionary, and is in fact a word ;) )

Lol, thanks for reading all that nonsense, and I'd love to chat/rp anytime, just shoot me a PM!

Ghosting isn't as big of a problem for me as it used to be, but it's always nice to just get a small "Hey, maybe we can resume another time?" I'm just fine with that :)

Rave Reviews

Moon, you are a great rp partner! People will be lucky to rp with someone like you!

You are a really awesome person! I love how you drive the plot forward! It's amazing, and I am always excited to see the next part you add!

Kudos! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Icysoul

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