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Please do not send me a friend request unless we have talked! I will decline it!


I've been on RPR since 2010, and I've been known by several names during that time and will continue to be known under various other names for a long time afterwards. I am in a constant state of reinvention, and have emerged more than once with different areas of focus and interest, some of which will be retained or discarded within time.

I am whatever I want to be whenever I want to be it.

I can do the following:
  • Artist: I am an Illustrator, and I have experience with making Comics.
  • Bestiarist; Referencing real-world biology to come up with monster designs and to create things such as monsters, machines or most other things for that matter.
  • Cheesemonger; I know a lot about Cheese.
  • HEMA Re-enactor; I am a longsword fencer, training in the Italian School of Swordsmanship. I fight left-handed, and am familiar with both longsword and rondel dagger.
  • Linguist; BSL, French, German and a teeny bit of Dutch. I can read a few other languages too, mostly Romance-based languages like Latin and Italian. I also can understand a bit of Ancient Greek too. I'm also great at affecting accents.
  • Loremaster; I am somewhat of a historian, and can tell you about things that happened with reliability from Prehistory (including Pre-Hominid Earth), up until about the 1940s or so.
  • Pirate Captain: I am a Renaissance re-enactor specialising in Golden Age Piracy re-enactment, and an ambidextrous sword-user.

    Characters are under intensive Reworking for the foreseeable future. Any art featured on the profile is made by myself unless specified.


Rave Reviews

I needed time to ruminate on a lot of the merits and positive things about Mori -- because there are many. There is really a lot within Mori that makes them a shining beacon for other users and myself. Aside from being a super talented creative that clearly has a lot of love for what they do, Mori is humorous and provides a lot of great support for those that require it. - FreeJayFly
Glory to the Mori! Her art is as fantastic as her characters! Mori is always a welcomed addition to Just Talking with her ability to make interesting conversation, and bring fun art work into chat. If you're like me, then there's one question on your mind: Why aren't you RPing with her already? - Gamers

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