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Might put up more of a personal introduction later, but for now, feel free to call me Salt, Salty, or Pillar. Here's some notes about how I do things OOC:

Real life comes first. Don't feel obligated to respond within a certain timeframe if you have something else you need to do. I get it, don't worry :) That said, if I don't hear from you either IC or OOC for a whole week, I will assume that you lost interest and move on.

Turning someone down can be awkward, this I know. So if I reach out to you and you'd rather not RP with me, it's totally fine to just not reply. I won't keep asking if I don't hear back on the first one.

The beauty of play-by-post is that we can respond whenever it's convenient, so even if our timezones are complete opposites, just respond whenever you happen to see a message. No need to worry about keeping me waiting, I got my own sleep schedule that I don't sacrifice for the sake of RP lol

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend NaClPillar!

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