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Fell free to message me about anything I love talking to new people and I’m very easy going.

I’m new to the this site but I have Roleplayed on other sites, mainly game sites. I only like to do one on one, private message, roleplays or chats. I’m looking to talk to adults only because I enjoy doing adult themed and dark Roleplays.

A little about the roleplays I like:
I love tragedy’s and dark themed Roleplays but I’m more than happy to do lighter themes. I love violence and gore, you can be as descriptive as you like with it, the more detail the better. I have no limits when it comes to the amount or detail of violent roleplays. I also prefer fantasy and medieval roleplays over modern day, but once again I will do them on occasion. I just won’t do an future related roleplays. Romance is fine with me as long as there is more to the plot than just the romance. I love spontaneous rp that aren’t planned out, so any can message me and start rp and I’ll jump right in.

I absolutely love to wright story’s and have written books for myself. I spend most of my time writing and I use roleplay as a way to give myself new ideas or show off my ideas.

Note about my characters:
All my characters are under constructional the moment, I just put up the basics for now but I plan on going more in depth.
Ashton will be more of a back story for Demonica then a character I play, but I will play her only if requested. I’m more than happy to play her, but I only want to use her for violent roleplays.
If you want to Roleplay with me playing a certain character that is always fine, feel free to request me to play whichever character you like.

A little description of all my characters

Lucky is the main character I Roleplay with, she is normally a shy and weak character. She normally plays the victim and has dark themes in her story.

Night is my newest character and will most likely become my main character. She is the only character I have that does not revolve around violence and dark themes.

Demonica is normally a medieval time character, she revolves around dark themes.

Reno is my only male character and he will only be involved in heavy dark themed roleplays. He personality is very aggressive and violent.

Ashton is merely a backstory character, so I will not use her often unless someone wants me to use her. Like Reno she will only be in dark themed and violent Roleplays.

All the pictures I use do not belong to me, the credit goes to there original creators

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