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My name is Alliyus, I am a roleplayer.
Don't be afraid to ask me when you want to roleplay anything.
I do: Fantasy/Horror/Adventure/Realistic/Fiction/Mystery/Drama.
My private messages are open 24/7. I may not be on at that time, but when I am, I will reply.
I go for Fantasy.

Just to showcase my roleplay length, style, and detail.

"You know what we're doing here?" Chastia looked at a young girl with long black hair, blue eyes, and a petite, skinny body. She was 5 feet tall, looking up at Chastia with a grin on her face. This little girl was named Matilda, she was a very close ally of Chastia during the War of Solstice. The girl blinked, looking forward, "Not exactly, but I'll find out shortly." The girl brought up an unlit torch, brandishing a small iron-cased lighter. She flicked the cap up, then pushed down on the starter, making it flame up a little. A small bright flame was created. She brought her hand up and lit the torch. At that moment, the torch lit up in fire, its top burning with a bright large flame, blowing softly by the wind. "Do pray be careful," Chastia chuckled, taking Adeptus off from his back, holding the lance in his right hand, razor-sharp blade facing up to the glistening light of the forest outside the bar. Chastia sighed, looking down at Matilda, then back at the front, preparing to enter the forest. "Be careful." Was the last words Matilda said before she took the first step into the journey of the surroundings of this worldly bar.

"Well, damn." Chastia looked around in the darkness, the torch burning brightly, leading the way. Matilda walked in front of Chastia, a black, razor-sharp dagger in her right hand, torch in her left. "Something in here or not?" Matilda asked, moving the torch left to right like she was defending something off. Chastia looked down at her, "Keep that flame up, it's not a toy." Matilda groaned then brought the torch up, the flame burning brightly in the darkness of the woods. They kept walking, dagger and torch in Matilda's hands, Adeptus in Chastia's firm grip, both hands on the lance. They heard a noise and Matilda was the first to react. She brought the torch forward, looking at the direction of the noise. "Something in front. 12 o'clock." Matilda gestured forward with a flat hand, fingers pointing forward, palm to her right, facing Chastia. Chastia nodded and brought his Adeptus down into a striking spear charge. He watched carefully where she gestured. "Stop!" Matilda's voice shouted behind Chastia, who suddenly quickly halted.

"What?" Chastia looked behind him at her, shrugging, annoyed a little that he was stopped. He brought the lance up, defending anything that came even close, or even decided to test the limitations of this cruel, razor-sharp lance of his. Matilda brought the torch down, attaching it to her backpack that she always wore with her supplies in it, on her back. She twirled the black dagger so the tip faced downwards. She walked towards Chastia. "It's a wild wolf. Be alert. There are more than one." She explained, which stopped Chastia's confusion. Chastia sighed, "Alrighty." He coldly acknowledged, lance in hands, pointing forward, ready to defend himself if they ever came. Matilda stopped behind Chastia, dagger in hand. "Watch the left." Matilda gestured to the left of Chastia, where he turned the lance to the other side, changing his grip hold. He sighed, looking in front, just waiting. "Coming up to the left. Be warned." Matilda called out to him, giving information. Chastia couldn't clearly see the wolves, but her honed in sight and hearing range, was an excellent piece of equipment to have alongside an adventure. Both of them narrowed their eyes, getting ready.

Suddenly a large 12 foot black wolf approached. Matilda turned and then drew a knife and hurled it right at the wolf, who side-stepped it, glaring. It growled lowly, cold with a glare that was daggers to the feeling. The wolf turned, slowly going around them from the left. Chastia changed his grip, pointing the blade at the tracking wolf, following its movements. "Another one, to the left." Matilda called out, standing behind Chastia, back to back. "We're surrounded. It's a pack of four. Get ready to fight for survival, like hell." Matilda announced to Chastia, who took a deep breath then exhaled. A wolf charged, then lunged at Matilda. Matilda side-stepped but then another wolf slammed right into her, head first. Matilda was thrown right into a nearby tree and coughed, struggling to get up. The lead black wolf stalked up to Matilda, snarling, baring its teeth. Chastia was now surrounded by three wolves. He turned his lance around so he could see the three wolves slowly stalking him like prey. "Matilda, you good?" Chastia asked over his shoulder. There was a groan as Matilda brought herself up to her hands and knees. She coughed, injured badly. Those wolves were powerful. She disliked it now.

Matilda stood up, holding the side of her head where she banged against the tree. She sighed, picking up her dagger. A wolf approached her. Still injured, she side-stepped the wolf, but it reacted too quickly. The wolf turned mid-motion and lunged, teeth opened, about to bite her. Chastia turned and then brought his lance down upon the wolf, who slammed down, limp. He turned, spinning the lance out of the ground, back into both of his hands. He eyed Matilda, who coughed, putting a thumbs up, dizzy and in pain. She brought her knife up then turned right as another wolf jumped right at her. Matilda honed in now, getting the hang of it. She punched the wolf in the stomach, it snarling in pain, yelping in agony. It fell on its side right in front of her. She brought the dagger up and brought it down. She straightened, dagger in hand. Chastia hated seeing young kids attack, or getting attacked by other things. He sighed, lance in hand. "Matilda, watch your back. We aren't out of this yet!" Chastia warned, Matilda nodded.

Matilda brought her dagger up, tip facing the sky now. She waited as two more large wolves slowly circled them both, teeth bared and snarling low. Chastia eyed both wolves, his senses going higher now. He brought the lance forward into a thrust. The lance''s top blade connected with one of the wolves hind leg. The wolf howled in pain as it backed away, glaring at Chastia's Adeptus. He twirled his lance in his hand, making the wolves back up slowly, slowly retreating. Matilda sighed, collapsing onto the ground, very weak. One of the wolves saw Matilda collapse and lunged at her. Chastia brought his lance up, connecting with the wolf's neck. The wolf slammed on its side. These were wild wolves. They would've killed them if they didn't defend themselves. Some animals aren't worth giving mercy to if they hurt others. Chastia brought his lance down, then brought it up, the blade painted red. He brushed the blade on the ground, then brought it up into a twirl. He turned and rushed over to Matilda, looking down at her. "You ok?" He asked. Matilda shook her head, just laying there. Chastia sighed, putting his Adeptus onto his back and crouching. He went silent as she passed. He bowed his head, giving respect.

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I've known this person for very little but their personality is just so bubbly and vibrant that I had to give them Kudos. Their writing is filled with Mystery and is extremely well written in all of the small stories I've done with them. Grade A Hooman. 👍 Wonderful writer Fast responses - Volty5
She is amazing! She is super nice and sweet, and is always up to rp about anything, and her replies are so fast! Great sense of humor Fast responses - Joshie2003

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