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Discord: Nyanpasu#5152

Hewwo! Pasu here! Pasu is lewd girl and Pasu love lewd stuff~ Pasu is RPing for good few yea.... months. Most of what Pasu RPed was erotic RP, Pasu never really was interested in other styles of RP but who knows maybe someday~ Pasu is semi-lit type but Pasu try to adapt to her partner usually. Pasu looks for some partners that want to lewd with her. Pasu feel awkward while typing with one-liners. My characters are still not completed but Pasu will try to add most important info to them soon~

Maybe Pasu will tell more about herself. Pasu love music and Pasu listen to pretty all genres besides K-POP (J-POP better) and some other new pop, Pasu cant listen to those new rappers too there are some exception but only few. Pasu favorite genres will be proly Metal, Rock and music like this. Pasu loves GachiMuchi too hehe~

Pasu spend half her life playing World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Best WoW expansion) on private servers. Pasu was playing as healer, few times as Shaman ond once as Priest. Pasu is playing League of Legends now, Pasu can play on every lane just jungle and top are Pasu weak ones, Pasu love playing on support and Pasu favorite champs are Neeko, Lulu and Ahri. Pasu love Witcher 3 and Dark Souls series, Pasu love lot more games but those are Pasu Favorite ones.

Pasu love anime her few favorites ones are Non Non Biyori, Hunter X Hunter, JoJo, FMA:B, One Piece, Bleach. There is more but Pasu think those are her best of bests. Pasu reads manga and light novels too~ Pasu favorite manga is Berserk and Tokyo Ghoul but Pasu like Berserk more~ And light novels, Pasu havent read much of them but her favorite is KonoSuba~ Megumin besto~

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