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Name: Yo'h
Age: 25
Timezone: PST
About me: I have a daughter and only rp m-fr 6am-3pm while at work. I used to frequent the toxic community on IMVU under the username OrderofGashes. I play cello, violin, I enjoy reading, writing and recently learned my love of world building. I have been actively roleplaying in text form for 13 years. I used to be a self proclaimed "Gore-****er" insinuating the purpose of my entering a roleplay was to disgust, disturb, and nauseate. Since having my first child however I know refrain from such crude cringy, and gore infested mediums of RP Though i am still very much attracted to horror, gore, fighting, also I am very ANAL and Racist when it comes to Vampires. If your vampire is not a hellbent psychopath I do not consider it valid (unless your logic is sound)

I am a huge fan of Clive Barker and use a lot of his creations for inspiration in the makings of my own characters (And a few of his I have adapted into characters). the Niche of RP i am involved in ranges from medieval time to deep future. I tend to flock toward high-fantasy rps as they I find to be the most stimulating for my creative juices/worldbuilding.

I am entirely self taught and have been told the length in which i formally typed would be classified as Novella/multi-para, however, I dispute this on the basis the as far as I am concerned Novella entails 15k-75k words. By that logic waiting for a responding post would be rather lengthy and it diminished from the enjoyment of a group roleplay. The style of RP I employ is a combat variant of Tx system (T1,2,3) that has a main focus on Dictating the logic within a bio to better explain mechanics of how things work.

I enjoy making OC as well as playing closed roles, Sometimes its more fun to do your own thing and other times it is more challenging and engaging for me to play a role/job already set.

Well, that is just about it, feel free to reach out and message me and i will do my best to replay in a speedy manner;

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