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Horribly busy (at least in my own mind), but always trying very hard. Awful at character pages, but (slightly) better with actual RPs.

<3 Kali <3
Dec. 18 2015 - May 31st 2019

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If there's anyone who deserves more recognition it would be Pen! She's such a friendly and patient woman, I've felt pretty lucky to stumble upon her. Despite my busy schedule at times, she keeps her enthusiasm in the story and doesn't shy away from voicing any questions she may have!

Not to mention, she's a great writer! If you weren't aware of it, you'd never guess English isn't her first language. She's eloquent, frequent and fills her posts with joy! I definitely recommend her! - Pirate
Penholder is a thoughtful person possessed of sharp wit. She is extremely generous with her time and her experience, and has personally assisted me with improving my writing. I'm so glad to have her as part of our community here on RPR :) - Ben

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