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Horribly busy (at least in my own mind), but always trying very hard. Awful at character pages, but (slightly) better with actual RPs.

<3 Kali <3
Dec. 18 2015 - May 31st 2019

Rave Reviews

Perhaps one of my favorite RP partners to date. Pen has skill in crafting her posts, and puts in the effort to make it great. And to back it up, she is understanding OOC and willing to work with you to make the RP enjoyable for all parties involved. - Inkliest
The Children of the Forest are a great bunch of characters to interact with! Pen does not fall in the trap most profiles with multiple related characters fall in. None of the members of the Children feel like NPCs. All of them are unique and detailed in their own regard, which is an amazing feat in my humble opinion. Definitely give these characters a look. You'll find yourself writing a fine story with them! - Pirate

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